The Fantastic Eddie Redmayne


For modern wizards, they may be familiar with many things, such as defeating the bad guys, restoring moral order, and eliminating disasters for the country. However, in reality, the wizards will find that this kind of skill is very easy. Difficult to continue into life. In the movie “Where is the Magical Animal”, there is a slightly clumsy but actually very clever wizard, Newt Scamander, whose actor, Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne I feel the confusion caused by this role colliding with reality.

对现代巫师来说,他们或许对很多事情都能驾轻就熟,比如:打败坏人、恢复道德秩序、为国家消除灾难—然而,在现实中,巫师的扮演者们却会发现,这种游刃有余的感觉很难延续到生活中。在电影《神奇动物在哪里》中,有一个稍显笨拙但其实十分聪明的巫师纽特·斯卡曼德(Newt Scamander),其扮演者—奥斯卡影帝埃迪·雷德梅恩(Eddie Redmayne) ,就感受到了这种角色与现实碰撞所带来的困惑。