Stacy Martin for Modern Weekly


The model’s British girl Stacy Martin entered the show business by chance, and her screen debut was dedicated to the controversial and scaled “Female Addict” directed by Lars von Trier, and Martin also relies on this. The film has gained a lot of recognition. In her latest movie, Sound of Light, Martin tries a more detailed way of performing and reveals the emotional entanglements of the characters. From the model to the actor’s identity change, Martin’s eyebrows never change the unique gentle temperament. Through this conversation with her in this issue, we also have a glimpse of Martin’s teenage mood.

本是模特儿的英国女孩Stacy Martin因偶然机会进入到演艺界,其银幕首秀即献给了由Lars von Trier执导的充满争议性且尺度颇大的《女性瘾者》,而Martin也凭借此片获得诸多肯定。在她最新的电影《光之声》中,Martin则尝试了更为细腻的表演方式,并将人物的情感纠葛尽皆展现出来。从模特到演员的身份转换,Martin的眉眼间始终不改那一股与众不同的轻柔气质。借由本期与她的这场对话,我们也得以一窥Martin的少女心境。