Chanel’s Creativity


In the face of global economic changes and the wave of e-commerce, Chanel not only maintains a consistent rigor, but also keeps pace with the times and becomes one of the most profitable fashion brands in the world. The management secret of Bruno Pavlovsky is to keep up with the brand’s innate creativity while following the trend. Interview, author – Harriet Quick, Zhou Liyao Photography – Frederic Aranda Editor – Zhang Guyue

面对全球经济变化和电商浪潮,香奈儿不仅保持着一 贯的严谨,也与时俱进,成为世界上最赚钱的时装品 牌之一。而Bruno Pavlovsky的管理秘诀,是在顺 应潮流的同时,坚守品牌与生俱来的创造力。 采访、撰文— Harriet Quick、周理瑶 摄影— Frederic Aranda 编辑— 张古月

Published. December 12, 2015, issue 50